Software to reduce Heat Injuries, Manage Welfare & Improve Safety

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Acumen ImproveSafety Software has been developed to support your business in improving health, safety, wellbeing and assurance across your entire workforce - at an affordable and effective price.


At just £199 (exc VAT) per year, you get access to the following capabilities:


- All the safety and wellbeing templates you need.
-Templates created by industry experts that are based on regulatory standards.
- In-hand tools to conduct checks and safety reports at any time.
-Access to reporting, data and visualiations.
- Management information at your fingertips
- Automatic report distribution
- 360° best practice feedback and alerts
-Available on Apple, Android and Web

Easy low cost subscription

Annual subscription to Acumen Compliance Software starts at £199 (exc VAT) per year.


Start with a free, no-obligation 30-day trial with no need to enter credit card details.

After 30 days, commence your first 12-month subscription for £199 (exc VAT). You can cancel within 14 days of payment for a full refund.


Acumen will keep all your safety data safe and secure. You can continue to access all data within the software as long as you have a valid 12-month subscription.

Did you know...

- Acumen ImproveSafety will deliver you weather and heat stress alerts
- Acumen ImproveSafety provides data APIs for integration into your systems.
- Acumen ImproveSafety gives you real-time eyes with visibility and virtual supervisor